Bun Bo Hue in China Town

I had a craving for bun bo Hue and took the DASH to Chinatown to Qua’n Ba` Sa’u at the corner of Broadway and College. I don’t know the Engish name and couldn’t find it online because the restaurant has just opened. Bun bo Hue isn’t on the menu but it is on the big banner in front of the restaurant. It also has the usual fare, which are pho, rice dishes, banh mi, and drinks. My friend ordered the pho, I ordered the bun bo, and we shared the nem nuong as an appertizer. The soup was spicy, flavorful, and had all the traditional toppings. My friend also liked his bowl of pho. The nem nuong was good but could have been better because the sauce was a bit runny. Overall, a good place for lunch and I will be back to try other dishes.

After lunch, we walked two blocks to the center of Chinatown and it was almost empty. Like most places in the city, the recession hits hard and many shops were closed. The tourists are not coming and the locals don’t have money. But it seems mahjong is very popular because every seats were taken at the Hop Sing Tong Consolidated Benevolent Association center.


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One Response to Bun Bo Hue in China Town

  1. Trang says:

    I found that it is really hard to find a good bun Bo because we grew up eating the real bun Bo hue. I am glad that you found one you like.

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