Photographing Food

Because of the long work hours, my time in the evening is limited and the last thing I want to do is cook. And if I have time, I prefer to knit or spin. So cooking relegates to the most detested duty even below cleaning (since I don’t clean either). But when inspiration strikes, I can follow recipes and whip out decent meals.

I’m having fun cooking and taking photos. The 35mm 1.8G lens has a very shallow depth of field and is able to bring the food into the center of attention by focusing on the precise depth and blurring everything else. Furthermore, Photoshop can transform my food into restaurant quality morsels (okay, that’s a big stretch!). It’s kind of like cheating, but I’m sure every published food photos go through same transformation. Post production can turn an ugly ducking into Cinderella and the same goes for food. If that cookies isn’t golden brown then turn up the saturation, or if that tomato is still raw then slide up the red hue, or if that piece of meat isn’t grilled properly then increase the contrast.

The boys are loving it. They had home-made pizza two weeks ago, lemon bars last week, and cookies today.

Cranberry oatmeal cookies (recipe from the back of the Craisins bag)

Rack of lamb

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