Disney Concert Hall

I’ve been to the Disney Concert Hall many times, once to attend a violin concerto and at least three times touring outside the hall. This building is beautiful, impressive, and a marvel of engineering and construction. It was designed using CATIA, which is the CAD/CAM software from Dassault where Toan used to work. There is not one square angle in this building.

I’ve taken my camera there at least twice and failed miserably trying to capture the essence of this building. And I think part of the reason is that it has a lot of shapes but no color. So my choices are to convert the photos into black and white or the opposite, which is to crank up the saturation. I’m not pleased with these photos but there will be more opportunities in the future. The Disney Concert Hall is just a five minute walk from work, cameras are permitted, and audio tours are free.

Path to the garden looking up.

Path to the garden.

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2 Responses to Disney Concert Hall

  1. risewiththesun says:

    We are our own worst critic, but I personally LOVE these photos of the concert hall! I’ve only really driven in front of this hall and have never really been this close to it. Looking at your photos makes me want to go there and see more of it!

  2. knottyewe says:

    Thank you so much for your comment. If you go on a sunny day (like most days in California), do bring a camera and pair of sunglasses! The light reflecting from the stainless steel surface can cause momentary blindness (just kidding). The Disney Concert Hall is a photographer’s and visitor’s dream. There are pathways and staircases that will ultimately lead you to the crown where you can truly appreciate this marvelous building.

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