Real Downtown

Like any downtowns in the U.S., there is the glamorous side with glass skyscrapers, extravagant performance art centers, and well manicured green spaces. However, there is another part of downtown that isn’t so savory. When I was fresh out of college, I remember telling my dad that I plan to go to a job interview in downtown Los Angeles. He was aghast and asked me not to go because “there are only bums out there”.

Downtown Los Angeles has changed significantly with the Disney Concert Hall at one end and the Staples Center at the other. The bank district recently has gone through a revival with high ceiling lofts selling at “westside” prices. Last year, we ran into the set of CSI New York completed with artificial snow and NYPD Blues on 4th Street. I feel completely safe walking around, but there are parts of downtown that still need improvements, and yes, the bums are still here.

Below is the new LAPD Headquarter (looking at City Hall) that replaced the old Parker Center. There were some controversies with the sculptures because some folks thought they looks like turds. As for this photo, I don’t like the tree dissecting the center. I should have kept it simple and chose my subject more clearly, either the turds or the City Hall.

The old bank district on 4th Street, popular with film crews because it looks like New York.

Graffiti in a parking lot. I like it. Chaotic and very bold.

The phone was yanked out a long time ago, but I like the holes against the blue back ground that reminds me of a turquoise necklace.

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2 Responses to Real Downtown

  1. risewiththesun says:

    i really like the angle, textures, and colors of the last photo! Do you also go to the la artwalk by any chance? I went a few months ago and it was SUPER crowded, though wanted to go again.

    • knottyewe says:

      Thank you for your comment. I would love to do the LA Art Walk someday. For now, I just walk during my lunch break and enjoy seeing. BTW, the photos in your blogs are fabulous.

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