Hiking MeetUp

After just one try hiking by myself in the Santa Monica mountain, I decided it was unwise and joined a hiking group. I need some exercise on the weekend and walking the loop around the high school was just too boring. So on Friday, I searched the web and joined the Los Angeles Hiking and Event Photography MeetUp group. Well, as luck would have it, their next trip (yesterday) was at the Top of Topanga/Cold Creek Preserve which is practically in my back yard, just three miles from my house.

And today I’m sored! We did not hike, we climbed! We gained 1,400 ft. of elevation to reach the top of the Santa Monica mountain where we had a spectacular view of Los Angeles, including the ocean, downtown, the snow on Mt. Baldy and even Big Bear. Most people in this MeetUp are young and quite experienced hikers, and I felt like I was constantly jogging (in uneven surface) just to catch up with them. I went home in the afternoon totally exhausted, collapsed on my bed, and slept until 9 p.m. I must blame myself for pushing too hard, I should have stayed at the back of the pack instead of following the leader. On the way back, we took the easy the Cold Creek Preserve route. This trail is beautiful and reminds me of LOTR. We walked underneath the canopy of the trees and crossed through several creeks with the boulders loomed above.

On the top of the Santa Monica Mountain. The weather was perfect.

There were about 35 of us at this MeetUp.

Malibu and the Channel Islands.

Picture for my 365. Old Dodge rusting in the Cold Creek Preserve.

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