Valentine’s Day

On Friday, Toan surprised me with three dozen red roses at the office. They arrived a bit early for Valentine’s day, but the buds are blooming today and they are perfect. He also stopped by the office and we went for Happy Hour at Chaya Downtown. When I was a swinging single living in West Hollywood, I loved going to Chaya with my cousin, Hoang. We both like to spend money and ordered crazy dishes like grilled Uni, which was like ambrosia but with a price to match. It was different then not to think about 401K, kids and their college educations.

We ordered oysters, Brussels spouts, calamari, and the chicken liver mousse. Every thing was delicious, but the best dish was the chicken liver mousse, which tasted just like foie gras.

Happy Valentine’s Day

On the way back, we stopped by my building to take a picture of the outside lobby for my 365.

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