Looking and Seeing

Now that the glow of Tacoma is over, I’m back to finding interesting subjects for my 365. It can be a challenge looking for interesting subjects to shoot when you’ve seen the same scene thousands of times. Yesterday, I had to take a picture of something during my 30-minute lunch break so I came downstairs to Pershing Square, sat, and stared at nothing for a while.

My first few photos are of people walking, eating, and sitting around the water fountain. I saw people come and go, some are homeless, some are tourists, and some were enjoying their lunch breaks like me.

Some gray pigeons came and pecked for crumbs but left quickly because I had nothing for them. I don’t like pigeons because they can be a pest so I do not feed them. I was about to leave when the water fountain began to flow at maximum pressure to refill the empty water basin. The pigeons were skittish and flew away, but they excitedly came back for the bath. So somehow I got today’s picture, pigeons bathing in gold.

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Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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