Worker Red

I had a gray obsession last year and I’m so over it this year. So everything that’s gray in the stash is fair game for overdyeing. As luck would have it, I found a great red dye from Judith MacKenzie after taking her class at Madrona. Red is a difficult color to dye because the power doesn’t mix readily, the color can be unpredictable because the stock color is murky before it is heated and cooled, and you’ll need the right DoS of get the brilliant color (or end up with washed out red). I have at least three reds from ProChem and have been searching for a nicer red for a while.

I bought a jar of Mother’s MacKenzie Worker Red at Madrona and used the handouts provided in class to mix the stock. The formula is 10 gm of dye power per 2.5 kg OMG for 1% DoS. Different dye companies use different formula, so follow the recipe specific to your dye. Prochem’s formula, for example, is 30 gm dyed at 2% OWG. I have 170 gm of gray 100% cashmere yarn from Colourmart that’s perfect for the pot.

While browsing the lace patterns in Ravelry, I saw two gorgeous shawls by Erich Engel that are different from the rest and immediately wanted to knit them. They look quite challenging and the instructions are in German. But there are charts that I can convert to modern symbols. With the cashmere yarn dyed in Worker Red and another cashmere in Twilight, these shawls could keep me busy for a while.

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