Japanese Garden

I went to the Japanese Garden in Van Nuys today because I saw amazing photos from the Meetup group members who went last week and had to make the trek to see it myself. I used to rollerskate around Lake Balboa and thought I knew this place pretty well but I totally missed this beautiful garden on the other side of Woodley Avenue.

This place is actually part of the Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, sandwiched between a public park and a model airplane flying field. So even though the photos look peaceful, the loud noise from the park (it was disco today), the buzz from the model airplanes, and the odor from the waste water treatment plant constantly remind visitor that you’re still in Los Angeles. But the cherry blossom are in full bloom and it is a lovely day to walk the garden path with friends and families.

Garden Path


ZigZag Bridge


Stone Lantern. I lit this lantern using an off-camera portable flash. More about it in future post.


Egret. These birds are so tame, I was practically next to this guy in this photo since I don’t even own a zoom lens.


Water Lily


Administration Building


Bonsai Plant. Also lit using a portable off-camera flash.


Cherry Blossom.


Bamboo grove.


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