Cathedral (Encore)

My co-worker who is a good Catholic wanted to go to Mass yesterday so I hopped on the car and went with her to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for another photo opportunity. Photographers need to see so I walked and looked at lines, light, colors, shape, pattern, etc. My safest bet is to look for still water to add a reflection into the image. This shot was taken in a fountain at the front entrance (good thing the pump wasn’t running.) I put the camera down the trench, waited for the auto-focus beep and clicked.

Sometimes when we get ready to take a photo, we usually wait for the people to move out of the camera range. In this case, having a person in front actually makes the shot. Also, some people avoid the mid-day sun because it is harsh and unflattering, but I like the sharp shadows because they match so well with the architecture of this building.


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