Nikon D3100 in the Shop

My D3100 is on its way to the Nikon Factory for service. The built-in flash is giving me grief and I think it is time someone figures out why it’s such a prima-donna when exposed to humidity. Strange things had happened near the waterfall, on the beach, and in the early morning mist. Now the built-in flash would fired and becomes uncomfortably warm even though it is in the closed position. So, I’m back on the Lumix and no serious photography for a few weeks. In the User’s Manual, Nikon recommends operating this camera at less than 87% humidity. That mean I can’t use this camera in my next vacation destination somewhere in SE Asia where the humidity level averages around 90% or Yosemite in the winter. Time for an upgrade to a pro-model? This camera still has a lot to teach me, but I’m disappointed with its limited features, such as not being able to use the electronic shutter release, lock up the mirror, bracketed exposures, or interval recording, and off course, the humidity limitation.

The Nikon D3100 is still a decent entry level DSLR and the pictures are quite sharp. I took these shots last week and pleased with the result. This high-key image of the Calla Lily is a one exposure, but I finally learned how to use layers and mask to highlight the background and intensify the details of the petals.

The next image is composed of three exposures at 2s, 4s, and 8s and I used Photomerge Exposure to capture the contrast and shadow. There is so much to learn. In case you’re wondering, it is the whip attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer.


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One Response to Nikon D3100 in the Shop

  1. Ashok Mani says:

    Excellent shot.. Actually it is neat little tip on how easily we can get some good shots with things available at home. 🙂

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