Since the camera is in the shop, I’ve been learning how to make the most of Lightroom and Elements and the more I learn, the more I realize that this is a bottomless pit. Searching for “photoshop lightroom” in yields 244 titles in paperbacks and 14 titles in hardcovers.

So I’m wading through Scott Kelby’s The Photoshop Elements book. Just the Sharpening section would intimidate the most amateurs. There are sharpening procedures for all situations such as soft subjects, people, architecture, web, luminosity, edge, extraordinary, and so on. Unlike JPEG files which have some processing done in-camera, raw files do not have any processings and they come out blurred and less saturated compared to JPEG files. So those who shoot raw must invest additional time to learn the skills and apply these effects to finalize the image.

From camera raw – no tweaking!

After sharpening – using extraordinary sharpening method on the flower. If this image was processed in-camera, sharpening would be performed on the entire image and the flower would not stand out against the background.

BTW, Vinh got accepted to UCSB two weeks ago, UCLA last week, and UC Berkeley last Friday. We are ecstatic and very proud of him.


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