Yosemite Photography Tour (Part 1)

Wheh. The last few days were a blur with the drive to Yosemite for a four-day photography tour and the drive back to attend Minh’s piano recital. I met some twenty interesting people at the tour and the famous Ken Rockwell. He is surely opinionated and his opinions matter to a lot of people. He is an advocate of simplicity in equipment and composition. Easily said, but more difficult in practice for most beginners. I’m still learning the technical aspects of photography and having a hard time with pre-visualization. But like knitting/spinning, this skill can be learned and will come with time. Meanwhile, I’ll follow Ken’s advice to read art books rather than photography books to become a better photographer.

Anyway, Yosemite is spectacular every where I look but I still shot a lot of bad pictures. I must have taken 1,000 pictures and only 50 are decent (even with the instructor’s guidance for exposure, place and time.) They are bad because the exposure is wrong, blurred images, distracting background, and weak composition. I’ll post the ones that work in the next few days. If you want to see ahead, check out the photos on my Flickr page.

These photos have lines…

The Merced River

One of “The Three Brothers” Peak

Bare trees and waterfalls


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