Spinning Workshop

The two-day workshop with Jacey Boggs reinvigorates me about spinning again. Her yarns are unique. Jacey calls them textured yarns because they incorporate the individuality of hand-spun yarns as well as the functionality of well-behaved yarns for knitting and weaving. We were also spoiled by our sponsor, funhousefibers, who provided each student for class materials a bag containing beautiful hand-dyed braided merino and textured hand-blended bats worth $30. The workshop was an intensive experience as we manipulated our fingers, hands, feet, and brain to learn core spinning, tail spinning and how to make cocoons, beehives, coils, tornadoes, etc. We were exhausted yet exhilarated by the end of class.

The workshop was sponsored by the Ventura Handweavers and Spinning Guild in Camarillo, which under good traffic condition, took me just 30 minutes door-to-door. I visited this guild ten years ago, and considered joining but they kept moving further away from Thousand Oaks, to Oxnard, to Ventura and finally back to Camarillo. Their focus is on spinning for weaving, where as the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild is more focused on spinning for knitting.

Jacey Boggs

Jacey’s handspun – Coils

Jacey’s handspun – Beehives

Attendees from Los Angeles


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