Favorite Yosemite Photo

This is my favorite Yosemite photo and it was almost did not happen. The weather was really crummy on that day and the sun was nowhere to be seen. Then we were pelted with hail and my fingers and toes were frozen. Some of us decided to go back to the hotel and some already headed out to the bar. As we were getting ready to leave the park, someone knocked on our window and said, “Look at Half Dome”. The clouds parted and there was Half Dome, resplendent in white against the clear blue sky and crowned by the clouds. The sun was back! In the span of one hour, we shot more than one day-worth of pictures and this one was the last shot of the day. The sun decided to throw us photographers a gift and shined its last rays on a giant boulder which reflected back into the Merced river. I framed this shot with the blooming wild dogwood over the river using a slow shutter speed to capture the impressionist colors of the setting sun.

Click on the photo to see it big.

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