Coil Yarn

I’m still on a high after taking Jacey’s workshop and have been practicing spinning textured yarn. This is my third attempt at making coil (?) yarns and I’m having some success. It looks more complicated than it actually is and most of us were able to spin this yarn on the first day. This yarn was spun on three of my wheels (really!) because each wheel offers a unique advantage over the other. First, I spun thick and thin using the Pocket Wheel because it has a delta hook. Second, I combined and added twist to two strands of lace weight commercial angora+merino wool held together on the CPW because it is super fast. And finally, the Schacht Matchless was used to ply because it has a very slow whorl and the largest bobbin among the three wheels. The fiber is merino and was dyed by yours truly in a crock pot.

These shots were taken using the 1.8 35mm lens. I love this the bokeh on this lens!

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