Poly-fil Nirvana

I can’t believe I’m blogging about Poly-fill but I have been on a polyester stuffing quest for three years! I’ve tried so many brands of stuffing and have not found the one that fulfill all my requirements… until now!

I’m a fan of Little Cotton Rabbits for years and have knitted a few of her bunnies. I can pretty much follow the knitting instructions for the egg cosy, but have not been able to shape the body parts, especially the triangular head.

If the stuffing has too much loft, the head would look like a ping-pong ball. If the stuffing has too little loft, the head would become lumpy and misshapen. This was the best I can do and I gave up after that. As for the knitting pattern, the head and arms are from Julie’s egg cosy pattern, the legs are from Debbie Bliss’s book Toy Knits and the body was knitted by me.

But today, while browsing Jo-Ann fabrics store for nylon cords for my spinning wheel (which the real bunny conveniently chewed off), I found Silky Soft – The Ultra Plush Fiber by Fairfield. The fiber is superfine and has a luxurious silky feel. It is fluffy and light, but not too much loft so that it retain its shaping. Look for more knitted stuffed animals in future posts!


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One Response to Poly-fil Nirvana

  1. Andy says:

    thanks for blogging. Jo-Ann used to make another brand of poly fill that I am addicted to. Having moved out and had a son i needed to refill some pillows. My g-friend thought every filler was the same and we missioned around trying to find something just as similar. This stuff is good, but it isn’t the same as what Jo-Anns was making. this stuff is more expensive but will just have to do. 🙂

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