2011 Crank-in in Solvang

Jacquie is back on tour in the US so we had our crank-in yesterday in Solvang. It was nice to see familiar as well as new faces. Jacquie gave us a demo on her new yet to be named machine. It’s very much like the Simplex, but the cam is outside and the slope is gradual so it is much smoother to crank. It doesn’t have the sudden drop of the old cam but the draw back is that it is so smooth that you can’t hear the drop when you do heels.

Socks cranked by our host, Kathleen.

Jacquie and her new machine.

As always, the drive to Solvang was fabulous. I stopped by an organic farm and picked my own strawberries.


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Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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One Response to 2011 Crank-in in Solvang

  1. ayjeebee says:

    You have amazing photos. Loved it. Keep posting!

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