Pasadena Chalk Art Festival

For Father’s day, we went to the Pasadena Chalk Art Festival. This was a two-day event and I decided to go on Sunday so most of the pieces were almost completed. There was music, shopping, free arts, interesting people, and the car show was just outside the mall. This is the first time I used the Sigma wide angle lens. This lens takes practice as I took way too many shots of my foot, but I love it because I was able to capture the artists as they work on the piece.

I love how the white chalk and features of the face leads the eyes to working artist

Arms everywhere

Sometimes an image can be made more dynamic by just tilting the camera

Pasadena car show

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58 Responses to Pasadena Chalk Art Festival

  1. Love chalk art, so many talented people out there. Great pictures

  2. Great images of the artists at work. This sounds like an interesting festival.

  3. I have no words to convey how astounded I am at these amazing works of art…I can barely scribble my name in chalk, let alone create something of such amazing beauty!

    I guess I will stick to the art of writing; chalk artist, I am not…


  4. plantdotty says:

    beautiful artwork! very inspirationalxx

  5. Amazing! Love the vibrant colours in the 2nd pic!

  6. Wow! Those chalk artists are geniuses! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  7. la-vandala-abusiva says:


  8. gaycarboys says:

    much talent on display here.

  9. linkfling says:

    great article!

  10. is the last photo a chalk drawing also?

  11. Wow, a chalk art festival sounds awesome! I love your photos, really interesting and I think that wide angle lens is just the job for photographing something like a piece of chalk art! It reminds me of drawing on my driveway with chalks in the summertime when I was a kid. Never made anything quite as spectacular as these though! I do love that first one, but that third picture… I couldn’t believe it was chalks, it looked like the guy had used markers or paints right onto the pavement! Excellent post!

  12. Elle says:

    It always amazes me how something as seemingly simple as a child’s play-thing can be made to be something so beautiful when placed in capable hands. Chalk art festivals bring out the kid in all of us, I think. Great photos.

  13. Beautiful stuff. I used to love going to one of these in San Diego. To think it’s all washed away at the end of the festival.

  14. be awake says:

    great shots! you must had very good time watching this festival. it looks amazing. i’ve just remembered trying to draw sth with chalk on a sidewalk… i tried…

  15. Dinah says:

    Beautiful! I wanted to go to this event, but did not have the time to. Amazing pictures!

  16. Michele says:

    Looks like a wonderful time. Thanks for posting, maybe, if I remember, next year for Father’s Day we’ll go too.

  17. Great idea! I admire the dedication of the artists to fleeting nature of chalk art.

    Thank you for sharing the photos!

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  19. vishalt says:

    fantastic walk-thru with your pictures, thanks..

    keep em coming.

  20. Miki says:

    Gorgeous art work, thanks for sharing the pics!

  21. Amazing work It reminds me of a “Rangoli” (chalk festival) festival of India where they make rangolis of their Gods.

  22. Cy Quick says:

    I agree with all the praise above. Such real art activities, involving hard, dedicated, talented work purely for positive stimulation of the brain (not productive of essential products or necessary services in the tradtional industrial society) are what it was promised our lives would be all about. We looked forward to it as computers and automation were being developed in the 1940s and 1950s. But there is still far too much tedious work for people. And still too much nagging from politicans telling us to find a “job” and “be part of the economy”. Our lives and time ought to be dedicated to creativity purely to generate joy. Roll on the time when the robots and machines do all the boring work. I wish I could draw. My role will be to watch and admire.

  23. readitread says:

    Great art thanks for post

  24. People are so talented! thank you for sharing their work! (:

  25. ournote2self says:

    I can’t imagine being able to draw like that, using chalk! That’s amazing!

  26. Sherry K. says:

    Love the art! Looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Eva McCane says:

    very cool! that’d be a fun event to attend.

  28. Consuelo says:


  29. Ashok Mani says:

    Awesome talent.Cannot stop admiring; Beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing..!!

  30. fictionworms says:

    Oh, that’s so beautiful! Loved the pictures 🙂

  31. sketchjay says:

    What a great day – I love your blog and also love knitting!

  32. 7des7iny says:

    Glad they’re not drawing the edge of a cliff or something like a hole 😀

  33. tyalovestyo says:

    Beautiful artwork 🙂

  34. Helen says:

    I can’t believe I missed it! I used to go every year, but since I moved from Pasadena, it’s been hit or miss. Lovely pics. It’s great to have something permanent to remember the ephemeral…

  35. harly says:

    waw keren .
    festifal yang sangat menarik..
    dengan hasil gambar yang sangat bagus,,

  36. Laura says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  37. blinkboyz says:

    i wanna have a camera so i can fill my blog with pictures i take just like you, hhehee
    in Indonesia there are so many cultural event, and it will be great if i can show it to other blogger 😀

  38. munira says:

    You should have taken more pics! I want to see more chalk art!

  39. progers1 says:

    я бы тоже не прочь чего-нибудь нарисовать, жаль что только рисовать не умею

  40. Dian Wijayanti says:

    Oh my God. Those are chalk art??? Amazing!

  41. drawingpins says:

    Your photo’s are spectacular! Your subjects are spectacular! Nice work.

  42. Sajeevs blog says:

    Nicely captured shots of chalk artists in action:)

  43. Elaine says:

    I’ve never heard of a chalk art festival before. It sounds great.
    Perhaps you could frame the pictures of your feet and sell them as modern art.

  44. asdzz says:

    What is great post! 🙂 ( )

  45. lycon[MANOJ] says:

    Lovely chalk art

  46. milezaway says:

    I love street art, it always amazes me the level of detail that they can put into the pictures with nothing more than chalk.

  47. Great photos. I like the ones with the artists in them.

  48. grimleyed says:

    Those pictures are simply amazing.

  49. That was great. If I ever see that as an option for an area activity, I will have to go.

  50. realanonymousgirl2011 says:

    I think its amazing how they do that with chalk. Too bad it’ll just be washed away 😦

  51. bercton says:

    Great talent been show case.

  52. Cambree says:

    These are great photos from the Chalk Festival. Your descriptions are just as neat as the photos too.

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