Thanks for your comments

I’m completely floored when WordPress decided to put my blog on the Freshly Pressed section. This blog was born out of my desire to update my friends and family about my too many hobbies and my fiber adventures. Thank you for your wonderful comments and your encouraging words. I’m grateful for many things and I’m adding one more to the list.

While I was at the Pasadena Chalk Art festival, I wasn’t fast enough to catch the face of the bicyclist but he has a mustache just like these brothers.


About knottyewe

Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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3 Responses to Thanks for your comments

  1. eddyv says:

    Congratulations. Great blog and I’m happy WordPress recognized your work. As for chalk on the sidewalk, I like the optical illusions (holes in the ground and such):

    • knottyewe says:

      Hi Eddy,
      I’m not your friend in FB but it is a pleasure to be your friend in real life.

      • eddyv says:

        FB is a huge time sinkhole. I maintain a very boring (and professional) footprint. I post things like this (as a warning to my colleagues to keep it clean):
        危ない – FTC approves start-up that monitors internet and social media footprints of potential and current employees; –
        But it’s good enough to keep in touch with my kids.

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