Mackerel Season

It’s mackerel season in southern California and anyone with a fishing pole can catch fishes off the pier without a license. I was in San Diego and a family friend suggested going to Ocean Beach Pier to shot photos of the pier and enjoy the sunset. Little did I know it was a carnival atmosphere at the pier; grown-ups, kids, grandmas, babies and everyone were having a great time because the mackerels were biting. From March through July at the peak of the spawning season, the mackerels come in waves and everywhere you look, someone just caught a fish and soon there were buckets of mackerels waiting to be gutted and cleaned.

Ocean Beach Pier isn’t one of those piers in California where one would take a girlfriend for a romantic walk. It is a blue-collar kind of pier for fishing so there are cuts up baits on the railings, water basins to clean your catch, and fishes being reeled from the ocean and ended up flopping on the plank (not for the faint of hearts.) The pier is longer than most piers and radiates out like a T. Along the pier, there were whites, Mexicans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, and Koreans who clustered among their own. The mood was jubilant, the sunset was beautiful, and the buckets were sloshing with mackerels.

This isn’t A Rivers Runs Through it, more like orderly chaos.

Ocean Beach Pier after sunset

Waiting for fishes to bite


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