Bye Laurene

We stopped at Laurene’s house yesterday to convey our condolences to the family. She passed away last Saturday after more than four years struggle with cancer. Minh and Laurene’s son are best friends and he spent so much time at her house that he is like part of her family.

Of all the people I have the pleasure to know, Laurene stood out as a diamond among pebbles. She was too generous with the kids, too graceful with her struggles, and too courageous to fight for another day on this earth. Even when she was exhausted from her chemo, she would trek to the track meet to cheer every kids who crossed the finished line, gave them water, and words of encouragements. She would pile the kids in her car, take them to the movies, Magic Mountain, or back to her house for pizza or a sleep over. She hosted every Christmas party and threw birthday parties, with the twinkle in her eyes because she said “every day is a gift”. She fought so hard these past few years because she wanted nothing more than to share a few more precious moments with her close-knitted family. Her eyes would lit up whenever her son walked into the room. It is heart breaking to know that all the love in the world isn’t enough, and even though she loved him more than anything, her time was limited. She taught me to appreciate not the objects of desire but intangible moments, be proud of your children, and appreciate the love from those around me.

Toan said that if we have the grace to deal with our lot in life as well as Laurene, we would be all right. We will always remember the way she touched our lives and become richer for it.


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2 Responses to Bye Laurene

  1. trangf says:

    I remember her and she was so charming, cheerful and so kind to me.

  2. knottyewe says:

    I know this subject is close to your heart, but having cancer really sucks. The physical pain is already devastating but the hope and expectation that it’s going to be different this time is also crushing. And then in the end, knowing that you want to live so badly but couldn’t…

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