AeroPress Coffee Maker

I like the simplicity of the Vietnamese drip coffee maker. It brews dark, intense coffee, and no plugs required. But this contraption is meant for the guy who hangs around the coffee bar all day, has a lot of political opinions to share, and plenty of cigarettes to light up a chimney.

I found the next best thing two months ago and it makes better coffee than the Senseo or Keurig machines equipped with the expensive pods. It has a lot of similarities to the Vietnamese coffee maker for having the coffee ground pressed together to pack the flavor. However, it substitutes old fashion gravity for air pressure. And the result is super fast coffee for the people who live in America.

I bought the AeroPress coffee maker from Amazon and has been taking this thing everywhere. It went with me to work, and to hotel counters in Yosemite, Cabo San Lucas, and San Diego. If you’re going to buy the Aeropress, bundle it with the Aerolatte for $15, or if you’re a smart shopper like me, stop by Ikea and get a plastic substitute for $5.

Check out this video of AeroPress in action, upside down method.


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