Peacock Feather Shawl

The Peacock Feather Shawl was completed just in three weeks. My friends and sisters wonder how I have the time to knit. Well, if I cut out the TV completely and reduce my daily dose of recreational readings and Internet, I can hoard a surprisingly large chunk of time for knitting.

Since I did not have enough yarn to complete the entire shawl, plus it has a span of six feet, I decided to modify the pattern and eliminated rows 133 to 156. Even though I eliminated Chart 5 completely, the repeats are still blending nicely and the shawl is much more manageable. Once I have the repeats in my head, the stitches were flying off the needles but I had one false start several years ago and couldn’t manage past row 133. It seems much easier this time because I finally got the hang of reading the pattern in reverse for the mirror image.

Check out the Nikon Remote Shutter Release in my hand. Can’t live without it for taking pictures of yourself.


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