AS Herbridean 2-PlyYarn

I’ve been knitting on and off the Eala Bhan cardigan sweater by Alice Starmore in her updated book Aran Knitting. The yarn is a two-ply but round because it has quite a bit of twist and a lot of crimp, perfect for both Fair Isle knitting and Aran knitting. The downside is that the yarn is rough. It gets softer overtime but still scratchy and can be a rude awakening after knitting a cashmere shawl.

Alice Starmore is famous for her color sense and it was difficult to pick one color among her gorgeous collection. I finally selected the color Driftwood because at first glance, it looks like a neutral heather brown that goes well with most outfits. But this brown comes from a blend of two complementary colors – violet and deep yellow. The color has a lot of depth and complexity because the violet reveals itself under the right light in a subtle way.

BTW, these pictures were taken using the 35mm f/1.8 lens. I find this lens is great for taking pictures of yarns and knitted projects. I can get closer to the piece, get sharp focus on the object and blur everything else.

Driftwood 2-ply Herbridean Yarn by Alice Starmore

Back panel of Eala Bhan

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