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Knitting is so Vogue

After many years of knitting in the closet, I began to knit in public in the 90’s while waiting in line, sitting on the bus, and on park benches. Knitting wasn’t cool then but Vogue Knitting magazines were the coolest … Continue reading

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Capelin Fish Stew

Sometimes the food you crave isn’t the most extravagant meals but the most humble dish that you grew up with and detested. While I was growing up, my Mom liked just two dishes, ga kho xa and ca kho. Since … Continue reading

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It seems I’m stuck in the past with all the lace knitting and spinning. I don’t even own a smart phone and quite content with my ghetto $10 Aloha phone. I’ve never Tweeted and don’t even FB with anyone. But … Continue reading

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