It seems I’m stuck in the past with all the lace knitting and spinning. I don’t even own a smart phone and quite content with my ghetto $10 Aloha phone. I’ve never Tweeted and don’t even FB with anyone.

But I do have an iPad envy the moment I saw Dave Wyman edited his photos in the car just moments after they were taken in Yosemite. Toan surprised me with an iPad yesterday, probably because I was especially b*tch* lately. The first apps I bought are all photo editing tools. I feel like a kid in the candy store for getting these apps for under $5 instead of hundred of dollars. So far I’ve bought Snapseed by Nik Software, Photoshop Express, Photogene, and 100 Cameras.

I played with Snapseed for one day and totally in love with it. In addition to the usual photo enhancements tools such as crop, straighten, saturation, contrast, etc., Snapseed includes a bunch of presets to turn the most harden geeks into bubbling artists such as Black/white, Vintage Films, Grunge, Frame, and Center Focus. Furthermore, the modifications are non-destructive and the layers can be piled on without any fear of damaging the original photo. Uploading to Flickr is fast once the authorization was made. There are basic tools that Snapseed lacks such as sharpen, noise reduction, and text notations, but what more can you ask for $4.99?

Nasty thorns of the silk floss tree. Edited using basic functions in Snapseed.

Edited using the Drama and Grunge presets

Edited using the Vintage Films preset


Edited using the Black & White preset


All of these were taken on the D3100, which is fine after the second trip to the Nikon’s repair shop.


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