A Process Spinner

Most knitters belong to two camps, those who produce and those who process. The production folks prefer straight-forward patterns with bulky yarns and chunky needles and voila, a scarf in three hours or a hat in two. Very satisfying. On the other hand, the process folks like to tinker, a swatch here or a yarn tasting there and nothing to show for months on end. Very indulgent.

I began as a production knitter out of necessity and unfortunately is slipping into a process knitter. Then I became a spinner and lately have deteriorated into a process spinner, which is the worst of the lot. That means I spin for fun and the yarn isn’t even usable for knitting. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with color, pattern, and texture and I’m spinning yarn just for art’s sake. That means I’m making thick and thin, beehives, and lumpy yarns with intense colors.

So today, I dyed wool, silk, and mohair using even more dye than necessary to get the saturated colors as my palette. I plan to paint with these fibers on the drum carder to make lumpy batts and spin textured yarns. With all the colors in the blend, it will be a learning experience whether the finished item will look like a Monet or mud.

Colors in the dye on the silk cocoons


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Ooooo! Easter eggs! 🙂

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