The USS Midway

I don’t have a personal history with the USS Midway because I arrived in America on a cargo plane, but for some Vietnamese, this carrier means survival and freedom. Operation Frequent Wind which this carrier carried out, saved more than 3,000 Vietnamese during the fall of Vietnam. For most people who live in the United States, like my children, who enjoy life as citizens of a superpower with unimaginable freedom, it is difficult to imagine what it is like to be a person without a country. I’m a number cruncher so no long eloquent proses here but think of the odds. What if you’re just an ordinary person among a country of 30 million amidst anarchy. Life becomes a game of numbers and many would kill just for a chance to live. But somehow you survive and stand on the deck of the USS Midway, it is better than winning the lottery.

Same light as the Cabo pose, but I had to run to catch the ferry to Coronado so there wasn’t time to wait for the sun to dip down further. I like the contrast between the linear lines of the ship and the curve of the tree top.

This picture was taken from the ferry. Since the boat was moving, there was no way I can take this picture in the dark with clarity, so I went all out and made it really blurry.


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