Spinning Mojo

My spinning mojo is back. After almost one year of staying away from the wheel and finding spinning the most unsatisfying of my hobbies, I’m spinning again but in an unexpected way. When I first started to spin, my goal was to spin the most perfect yarn for socks, like the 2-ply Koigu or the gossamer lace that can the knitted into a ring shawl. I strive to perfect the true worsted draw from combed top to make smooth, shinny, strong, and uniform yarn. I often looked askance at those who spin woolen to produce yarns that have no strength, no shine, uneven, and sometimes unbalanced.

Well, I’ve switched because it’s definitely more fun on the other side. I think that those who spin woolen are the people who think on the right side of the brain. They are creative, unpredictable, and they regard rules as something to be broken. I was brain dead with the rules, such as twist per inch of, pulley ratios, fiber length, etc. to get the perfect yarn. In the end, I was spinning a yarn that looks like it was machine made. No wonder why I was bored stiff.

To spin yarn with character, one has to start with a unique blend of fiber. So lately, I’ve been working toward my ingredients and it turns out that creating these ingredients is even more fun than spinning.

Below is silk noils that I’ve dyed, ready for the drum carder.

Silk noils, hand dyed using Prochem washfast acid dyes.


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Blogging about knitting, making yarn, and making socks.
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