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Another wheel? No, an espinner

The flock recently adopted not a wheel but an electric spinner that has a motor, and spins and spins. The hunt started with a full Schatch bobbin bursting at the seam with just 4 oz. of yarn. So I evaluated … Continue reading

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Taking pictures of your handspun

My photography adventure began with a skein of yarn. Why? Because yarn is notoriously difficult to photograph. It has taken me almost a year of experimentation and learning (and still learning…) to understand why most yarn pictures can not convey … Continue reading

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Mohair Fiber

For a fiber that’s plentiful, what’s with the mohair prices? I’ve seen them at starting at $3/oz at Etsy and upward to $8/oz for doll hair on eBay. Mohair comes from the angora goats (not angora bunny like my Kroger), … Continue reading

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