Another wheel? No, an espinner

The flock recently adopted not a wheel but an electric spinner that has a motor, and spins and spins. The hunt started with a full Schatch bobbin bursting at the seam with just 4 oz. of yarn. So I evaluated all my options and my first thought was to buy a Schatch bulky flyer for $260, plus $50 per bobbin. Very pricey. Furthermore, the woolie winder isn’t available for the bulky flyer, so that defeats the purpose of having a bigger bobbin since uneven winded yarn isn’t efficient with space.

The next option is the Spinolution wheels with their gianormous bobbins but it looks kind of obscene. So while browsing Ravelry, it hits me that a Hansen electric spinner could meet my need to spin any kind of yarn, from lace weight to bulky since the orifice can be quickly fitted with a tip sized for the thickness of the yarn. The best thing is that the bobbin can hold up to 10 oz (yipee) of yarn and it comes with a woolie winder. The cherry on top is that it weights just 6 pounds, very quiet, and can run on 12-volt battery.

This spinner arrived two weeks ago and even went with me to New Jersey. While babysitting baby James, I spun on it using the worsted method taught by Judith M. to highlight the shine of the silk and Bluefaced Leicester wool, dyed by Dicentra that I bought in Madrona early this year. There is no pre-drafting using this method. You simply pull out the fiber at the tip across the top. I feel like a duck on water with this spinner. I got used to it right away and love to spin while sitting crossed legs on the floor.

Cherry wood Hansen eSpinner. With 4 oz. of yarn, the bobbin was barely filled

Hand spun yarn, sport-weight, n-ply, 70% blue faced Leiscester and 30% silk. About 430 yards for 4 oz.

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