Later Half of 2011

The later half of this year went by like an adrenalin rush. I was bored at my current job and asked to transfer to another group for a more “challenging” assignment. I took a not so well managed function and hoped to energize it because it would be interesting and exciting. Well, six months into the job and I was slammed with an audit by the state and federal government. Record keeping was dismal, furthermore, our retention record policy is three-year, while the audit requires five years of data.

A daily headache, plus waiting for the last commuter bus among the homeless in downtown, and then rise-and-shine at 5 am to catch the first bus into downtown became the routine for the last few months. My brain was hyperactive with stress and retaliated by making me senile. I lost my Blackberry (that’s a good thing), and left my laptop on the bus. Furthermore, I was frustrated with the bureaucracy and superficial support from senior management. And the ordeal isn’t over as the auditors will be back in January.

But, I should be thankful as this year has been a blessings. Toan found a job, Vinh is enjoying Berkeley, Minh is finishing high school with good memories, and Kroger is sweet under my feet. To celebrate Christmas, I went on a hike in Topanga in Red Rock Park. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and the trail ahead makes me happy.


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