Collage in Lightroom

I’ve been looking for collage presets in Lightroom for a while and even though there are some existing presets that came with the package, I thought they were meant to print on paper, as in photo proofs. Since the multi-photo preset is in the print module, I assumed they are for prints and did not explored further. Little do I know, I have it all along but it took a nudge from the lightroomkillertips site to point me to the right direction, as in Lightroom Print Presets – Multi-Photo Custom Grid for a 15-photo collage.

The great thing about the print module is that once you figure how to get up the grid then the sky is the limit. You’re free to design your own collage however your creativity takes you. Whereas in other packages, you’re constraint by a limited number and configuration of collages and sometimes, you have pay extra (!) for additional templates.

So go to the Print module and select Custom Package, under Image Setting select border and stroke, under Cells select Add to Package, play with your collage layout, and under Print Job select File Dimension, Draft Mode Printing, Resolution, Print to JPEG file, and Print to File. By the way, you can also save your own collage template by going to Template Browser and click on the + sign. Cheers!


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One Response to Collage in Lightroom

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for this post! I knew there had to be a way to do this in LR .

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