Route 66 – Abstract Arts in the Junk Yard

The view at the junk yard can be, humm… like junk. But we were encouraged to think of an object not by its function but more at its shape, color, and texture. So say instead of looking at a tire, we should be looking at its reflection, shadow, roundness, tracks, cracks, and any objects in the background and foreground. It was challenging and some photos are more successful than others. Below are some photos from the junk yard. Some are incredibly simple that I didn’t even consider shooting until I saw some of Dave’s and Ken’s photos. To be a good photographer in the junk yard, one must ignore spiders, animal droppings, rusty nails, sometimes snakes, and angry owners with big dogs.

This picture was taken on a school bus looking at another school bus.

School bus in a junk yard in Barstow, CA.

You probably have never looked closely at a street sweeper. If you zoom in close enough to the brush under the sweeper, it has nice lines and texture. By the way, I don’t have a macro lens so I shoot as close as the camera can focus then crop out with Lightroom.

Brush on street sweeper in a junk yard in Barstow, CA.

Warehouse in the junk yard. Most of the time Dave and Ken let us loose to take photos but it pays to pay attention to what they are doing. I saw this wall and did not give it a second thought until I saw Dave shoot this from below. It looks like a quilt with shades of orange, purple, and blue.

Wall of a warehouse in the junk yard near Barstow, CA.


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