Route 66 – Tom’s Welding

Tom’s Welding is owned by a father-son team and two massive bull dogs. When I first saw the dogs behind the fence, my legs locked and I couldn’t take another step. Bull dogs have a bad reputation and the massive jaws and necks could rip human bones to shreds. My curiosity won and I couldn’t resist poking though the Route 66 treasure trove in the shop. The dogs turn out to be sweethearts and in no time, I was crouching on the floor with the dogs taking a picture of Tom’s son who let the sparks fly for our photo shoot.

This is what I would call a snap shot, but this place has hundreds of old signs from Route 66.

Tom's Welding in Barstow, CA.

We had very little time to get ready to take these shots and I’m glad I know my D7000 well. Most of time, I shoot aperture priority, but I switched to shutter speed priority down to 1/5 second to capture the trails of the sparks.

Welding at Tom's Certified Welding and Machine shop in Barstow, CA.

Welding at Tom's Certified Welding and Machine stop in Barstow, CA.


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One Response to Route 66 – Tom’s Welding

  1. Some great shots here, Loan!
    Did you take pictures of the bull dogs?

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