Lace and Cable Socks on the CSM

The circular sock machines (CSM) are wonderful for knocking out one pair of socks after another and I’ve been doing the same style of socks for two years. It gets stale. I want a challenge and want to crank socks that look like they were hand knitted. CSM guru Jenny Deters just self-published a book Just Socks and the socks are lovely. The booklet is expensive at $30 but it is a wealth of information and open up my eyes to possibilities. However, in order to knit these socks, I have to learn a few new tricks.

For the past week, I’ve been giving the Legare a deep cleaning, then start making socks with the 1×1 ribbing, selvage edge, and the 3×1 ribbing down the foot. I was intimidated by knitting the heel blind but I have been doing the heel for a long time and can maintain the right tension even though I can’t see below the ribber. Looking at these socks, those that don’t have a sock machine probably would say “meh”. But believe me, it is a leap forward.

Rib 1×1 cuff, 1×3 leg and foot.

With the new confidence, I knitted the easiest pattern in the book, Heart and Rib. The first pair (in red) took me four hours. The next ones (white) took just half the time. I’m pleased with the way they come out but having the hardest time take picture of my foot without showing my daikon legs.

Heart & Rib Socks by Jenny Deters. Yarn is W2D4 MCN.

Heart & Rib socks by Jenny Deters. Yarn is W2D4 BFL Platinum.


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5 Responses to Lace and Cable Socks on the CSM

  1. bmdmom says:

    Well, shoot! I was impressed by your plain socks. These are gorgeous!! “Daikon legs”…you are hilarious.

  2. news says:

    How come you do not have your web site viewable in mobile format? cant view anything in my Droid.

  3. Becky Wilder says:

    I have been trying to order Jennies books and I can not get anyone to answere my e-mails so I can pay by PAYPAL. How did you order yours

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