Art Walk Encore

Knowing that the Olympus Micro 3/4 won’t perform as well as the DSLR, I brought with me a flash or strobe to the Art Walk to improve image quality. As a bonus, I also get to play with off-camera lighting. Most inexpensive cameras can take decent quality images with a lots of lights. However, as the light diminishes these cameras will show their limitations.

The additional light from the flash will help offset the disadvantage of having a smaller sensor and less sophisticated software. But no one wants a deer in the headline with the red eye glow, hence I’ve been reading all I can about off-camera flash.

This is the snap shot of the art work with the distracting studio spot lights every where, no off-camera flash, on an exhibit of umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. Notice the noise in the dark areas.

LA Art Walk 2012 – Snap shot of the ceiling

With the help of a fellow Light Chasers, I was able to take another shot with the strobe on a monopod, lift high up near the ceiling. The composition is much simpler and the object has much more drama because of the contrast between the light and shadow. The downside of off-camera flash is that you will need another person to help you because the further the strobe from the photographer, the better the light.

LA Art Walk June 2012 – With strobe


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