Thailand – Big Buddha in a Pot

I didn’t do my homework and thought that Big Buddha is just big bones. By the time our under-powered motorcycle finally made it to the top of the mountain in Phuket and as we stood in his shadow, Big Buddha IS the mountain. The close we got, the more I realized he is too big for my camera.

To me, photography is putting together a puzzle and visualize how the pieces fit together in a two-dimensional frame. I also like the challenge of capturing a scene from a unique perspective that no one has taken. This is one of those moments that I kick myself for not having a zoom and wide-angle lens. Having a fixed lens means that he will take the same space in every photo, unless I move away from the mountain. My brain went into overdrive and even though it was +95 degrees under the mid-day sun, I was running from one location to another to find that perfect spot.

This is the first shot that I took while squeezing behind a fence to get the sunburst and the worker on the bottom left for scale. The secret to shoot a sunburst is find a location between shade and no-shade, set the f-shop as high as you can, say at least F-20, and position your camera with just a little bit of sun peeking from behind your object at an angle that minimize sun glare.

Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand

Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand

Next, I found a tree and tried to frame him between the leaves. Still his size isn’t clear here.

Big Buddha in Phuket. Thailand

Big Buddha in Phuket. Thailand

Photographers like to see reflection because of symmetry so I looked for water. I found it in a tiny pot containing a single lotus flower. After moving the flower and leaves around, I took this shot of Big Buddha in a pot framed by a lotus flower. The lotus flower symbolizes Buddhism. It grows in the mud but reaches the sky for purity and enlightenment.

Big Buddha and lotus in a pot. Phuket, Thailand.

Big Buddha and lotus in a pot. Phuket, Thailand.

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