Thailand – Sunrise in Phuket

Since I’m traveling with a person who thinks I’m quite eccentric and obsessive with pictures, it’s difficult to explain why I get a bit edgy around dusk and dawn. During the blue hours, I hate to be cooped up inside a room while the sky is so spectacular. Or I would wake up at 6 am and run out of bed all stressed out.

Photographers are like bats. They are most active during twilight. The rest of the day while I’m in Thailand, I’m content reading a book or eat my heart out. In Phuket, we stayed at the Vijitt resort on the other side of the island away from the busy tourist beaches. The beach here is not swim-able because it’s too shallow and swampy, but the sunrise is spectacular as long as you rush out of bed.

The first day, I found the gardener sweeping the beach. Not having a zoom lens means I had to be quite close and I was too timid to get closer. Then I kick myself the entire day because I hated the shot. Thinking about Dave Wyman and what he would do, I approached the gardener the next day and had a wonderful conversation while taking pictures of him. So yes, you can take spectacular photos with a $100 camera if you’re there at the right place and the right time.

Sunrise in Phuket, Thailand

Sunrise at the Vijitt resourt in Phuket, Thailand

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6 Responses to Thailand – Sunrise in Phuket

  1. Doug says:

    Wow! What gorgeous colour.

  2. trangf says:

    This is a beautiful picture Loan. How did you get the purple color?

  3. knottyewe says:

    Hi Trang. The colors were like that. I even taped a video to remind me.. This is why photographers love the blue hours. Because Thailand is closer to the equator, the blue hour was very fast, maybe just 15 minutes and it was gone.

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