California Central Coast

Last year, I attended a work conference in Asilomar and rented a car for the long drive from Los Angeles. I took the 101 up the coast because I had to get there in a hurry, but on the way back, I drove on Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy the scenery along the California Central Coast.

After taking a few photography tours, I’ve learned that good photographers are well-prepared photographers. You must be at the right place at the right time. So I left Asilomar at 2pm and planned to be at Pfeiffer state beach at sunset.

If you have time, plan to stop at many nondescript rest areas/viewpoint areas along PCH because they offer the most unspoiled vistas. There are narrow paths that will take you down the cliffs and you might get some nice surprises, such as a lonely bench with a spectacular view and a notebook for visitors to jot down their thoughts. Do pay attention when you climb down the cliffs because there are no one around to notice if you have plunged into the ocean.






View from Bixby Bridge

I drove to Bixby Bridge and met Mr. Campbell, who entertained the tourist with his tunes and cute bunnies.


Mr. Campbell with Mama rabbit on top and four baby buns.

I reached Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park with just 15 minutes to spare before sunset. It was the best time to enjoy the spectacular view but the park was almost deserted. Just me and another photographer.


Despite the drought, a trickle of water from the 80-foot waterfall spilled into the ocean.

The fog rolled in and the sky became dark quickly. The sun was nowhere to be seen and mother nature didn’t want to put up a show. I almost left but the other photographer was still around so I decided to stay a little longer and put up with the darkness. Then the sun peeked through at the very last moment and this was one glorious sunset.



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