Singapore – Marina Bay Sands

How time flies when work consumes your life and leisure time. There are so many more pictures I wanted to post, but blogging needs inspirations and my inspirations are non-existence after a long commute from work.

But back to my trip and the next destination is Singapore. This city/state is spectacular in a orchestrated sort of way. Like a Bach piece, it’s beautiful, precise, and touching but lacks a raw roughness for realism. It’s like inside a bubble. Pretty but contained.

For an Asian American tourist in Singapore, I feel like being on the set of the Twilight Zone. Life as you know it, is reversed and the Asians gets to live in a first world country while the whites are relegated somewhere else. I had that feeling years ago when I stepped into an In-N-Out Burger in San Diego where all the staff at this fast food joint (from the person taking orders, to the short order cook, to the prep cook) are white/blond and the customers are Mexicans and Asians. It made my head spin.

From the backwater of Can Tho, we landed in Singapore and whisked out of the airport on a buttery smooth road. I’ve been on the autobahn in Germany and this road is smoother. The freeways in Los Angeles and their cracks are more akin to a bumpy ancient Roman road compared to the highways in Singapore. Their subways are also sparking clean, on-time, and people are courteous. We were there during the week of the Asean Games and a little border between counties makes all the difference in the quality of life.


Singaporeans watching the Asean 2015 Games

Like most tourists, we headed to the Maria Bay Sands and sight-seeing this spectacular piece of real-estate. My first thought is why can’t other Asian countries, or even other third-world countries in the world crawl out of their cycle of self-greed/corruption and use the Singapore model to improve the many lives of their countrymen. It probably has something to do with being selfish: many prefer to be worse off but richer than their neighbors than being better off but poorer than their neighbors.

Boat race in front of the Maria Bay Sands hotel and shopping center

Boat race in front of the Maria Bay Sands hotel and shopping center

Singapore - Marina Bay Sands

Helix bridge to the Marina Bay Sands hotel and shopping center


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