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Southeast Asia 2015 – Dyeing in Luang Prabang

I took a two-day silk dyeing and weaving class at Ock Pop Tok (East Meets West). The dyers are very proud they can create most of colors naturally from local plants.  Below is their recipe. Everything except black. I had … Continue reading

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Felting Wool is Hard to Do

There are a lot of misconceptions about how easily wool felts. Some people even believe that wool can be felt on the sheep. I’ve been following conventional wisdom about treating wool with care, and slowly debunking some of these through … Continue reading

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Taking pictures of your handspun

My photography adventure began with a skein of yarn. Why? Because yarn is notoriously difficult to photograph. It has taken me almost a year of experimentation and learning (and still learning…) to understand why most yarn pictures can not convey … Continue reading

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Mohair Fiber

For a fiber that’s plentiful, what’s with the mohair prices? I’ve seen them at starting at $3/oz at Etsy and upward to $8/oz for doll hair on eBay. Mohair comes from the angora goats (not angora bunny like my Kroger), … Continue reading

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Spinning Mojo

My spinning mojo is back. After almost one year of staying away from the wheel and finding spinning the most unsatisfying of my hobbies, I’m spinning again but in an unexpected way. When I first started to spin, my goal … Continue reading

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A Process Spinner

Most knitters belong to two camps, those who produce and those who process. The production folks prefer straight-forward patterns with bulky yarns and chunky needles and voila, a scarf in three hours or a hat in two. Very satisfying. On … Continue reading

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Worker Red

I had a gray obsession last year and I’m so over it this year. So everything that’s gray in the stash is fair game for overdyeing. As luck would have it, I found a great red dye from Judith MacKenzie … Continue reading

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