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Cai Rang Market – Vietnam

Can Tho is a small town and the moment we arrived, the sister of my aunt’s friend already asked us for dinner. During meal, she introduced us to one of her distant nephew and he promised a tour of the … Continue reading

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Fingerless Mitten on the CSM

I found a neat fingerless mitten pattern on Ravelry, CSM Fingerless Glove by Melody Cowan. It has a real gusset and gradually increases to fit the thumb instead of the rectangular increase with an abrupt joint for the hand. But this method requires lifting … Continue reading

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Cooking School

A trip to Mexico would not be completed without trying out some local delicacies. Trang signed up for cooking school, and I came along just to eat. The secret to flavorful salsa? Grill your vegetables. Donna brought us here to … Continue reading

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Capelin Fish Stew

Sometimes the food you crave isn’t the most extravagant meals but the most humble dish that you grew up with and detested. While I was growing up, my Mom liked just two dishes, ga kho xa and ca kho. Since … Continue reading

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Agar-Agar Dessert

I’ve been on an agar-agar ( obsession for the last few months and I’ve made more than ten batches and getting better each time. There are recipes everywhere on the net for the agar powder for easier measurement. But I … Continue reading

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AeroPress Coffee Maker

I like the simplicity of the Vietnamese drip coffee maker. It brews dark, intense coffee, and no plugs required. But this contraption is meant for the guy who hangs around the coffee bar all day, has a lot of political … Continue reading

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King of the Fruits

For those who grew up in southeast Asia, the “fragrant” of a riped durian is irresistible from several blocks away; several inches away is a different matter. Even in the open markets in SE Asia, durian fruits aren’t cheap because … Continue reading

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