Yosemite Photography Tour (Part 3)

On the second day, we lunched at the Ahwahnee hotel and shot more photos while waiting for our tables. Rooms here cost upward of $450 per night but don’t expect the Ritz Carlton because this is a national historic landmark, the rooms can be small and the accommodations spartan. But as I was walking on the hotel grounds, there was a herd of deer ran past me and it was a thrilling experience.

Billl (William Hartshorn) showed me how to take this shot using the trees as a frame. Even with him showing me how to take the shot, I still had to delete several shots because my framing isn’t precise. He is among of the pros and they believe in getting the frame correctly in-camera to avoid cropping in post-production as much as possible.

Hotel lobby. The scale of this room is enormous. For scale, fireplace is at least eight feet tall and twelve feet wide.


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2 Responses to Yosemite Photography Tour (Part 3)

  1. Denise says:

    I married my first husband in Yosemite, at the chapel, and our reception (& honeymoon) was at the Ahwahnee. I adore the place. Your shots capture it perfectly.

  2. knottyewe says:

    Thanks, Denise for your comment. I love the hotel because the view from every window is spectacular. But alas, too rich for me so we stayed at the Cedar Lodge Inn (about 10 miles from the park). The chapel is cute, small, and charming but we did not stop by for pictures. I wish we had more time but our entourage was six-car deep and slow moving.

    Stay tune for tomorrow’s post. Best pictures…

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